Research Links

The following is a useful list of other sources available online. If you’ve found a useful website, let us know by posting a suggestion below. We could all use a hand navigating our way around the best sources…

DO NOT be tempted to plagiarize from these resources. Use them – properly!

Academic Journals . org – More Open Access Peer Reviewed Journals
Amnesty International – Useful reports on world wide issues
Archive of European Integration – University of Pittsburgh Online Archive of Key EU documents
Asia Foundation – Prominent and long established think tank on Asian Regional issues, with a useful publications section
Asian Barometer – A useful site containing quantitative research relative to the Asian Region
ATOP – Rice University’s Alliance Treaty database
Avalon Project – Yale Law School, Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
Bentham Science Journals – More Open Access Journals
Berghof Conflict Research – An open access resource by experts in conflict studies
Beyond Intractability – Resource established by the University of Colorado at Boulder
Center for Strategic and International Studies – US-based bipartisan think tank on International Affairs
Chatham House – Leading UK Think Tank on International Affairs
Conversations with History – Renowned UCLA Berkeley site featuring interviews with great thinkers
Defense Science Board (of the US Military) – An advisory panel of the US Defense sector which releases regular reports on military capability and readiness
Discourse in Society – the webpage of the Critical Discourse Analyst, Teun A. Van Dijk
EEAS – European Union’s External Action Service and the Council of the European Union (Consilium) have valuable primary resources and reports on conflict studies.
e-International Relations – Website for IR students – Excellent Online Quality Resource on All Subjects
Escola de Cultura de Pau (School for a Culture of Peace) – A research institute based at the Universitat de Autonoma de Barcelona with useful overviews of peace processes
EU Center in Singapore – Southeast Asian institute concerned with the region’s relationship with the EU
Eurobarometer – Contains regular trans-European opinion poll results
European Council on Foreign Relations – A highly regarded thinktank with pertinent perspectives on a range of issues including China and the European Union
Failed States Index – Global Fund for Peace database on state stability
Federation of American Scientists – Invaluable resource on US domestic and foreign policy
FRIDE – A European Think Tank for Global Action. Focusing on the EU and foreign policy
Global Terrorism Database – Collation of Terrorism from the University of Maryland
GSDRC – Governance, Social Development, Humanitarian, Conflict Website collating applied research into Conflict Prevention from a range of think tanks, supported by UKAID, Australia Aid and the European Union.
HRW – Human Rights Watch. Well known Human Rights NGO with many important reports
Impunity Watch – A useful resource with reports on serious breaches of international law in countries emerging from violent conflict (also includes a very useful Research Instrument)
INCORE – International Conflict Research Institute at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland. A documentary and resource repository on the Northern Ireland Conflict and Peace Process
Insight on Conflict – Online support site which includes information on local NGO actors in various conflict settings (note the data on S. Thailand Conflict and Burma/Myanmar)
Institute of International Affairs (Italian with English) – Quality opinion pieces on Middle East and Mediterranean Affairs
International Alert – Independent peacebuilding organisation
International Crisis Group – Arguably, the most prominent peace and conflict thinktank on the web
Internet Classical Archive at MIT – NEVER dismiss the importance of the Classics. From Homer to Plato to Seneca…
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy – Essential guide to the philosophical foundations of political theory
Internet History Sourcebook – The invaluable repository of primary sources on the web from Fordham U
Inter-Parliamentary Union – A very useful source of information for students of comparative politics on cross-national parliamentary practices
Joseph Rowntree Foundation – A treasure trove of reports on the role of civil society and policy issues (mainly UK, but relevant)
Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs – An Open Access Resource by the German Institute of Global and Area Studies
Journal of World Systems Research – Valuable open access resource for IR and Global Studies
Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies – Based at the University of Notre Dame
Minorities at Risk Project – Founded by Ted Gurr, based at the University of Maryland’s Center for International Development and Conflict Management.
MSF – Medicine Sans Frontier. Their reports pages are useful background resources
NOREF (Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre) – Supporting peacebuilding policy and practice
Nuclear Threat Initiative – Private Public Institution concerned with Nuclear Security

OECD – Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

Open Culture – A veritable treasure trove of open access information for any liberal arts students, including books, online audio-visual resources and much more.
Open University (UK) Online Research Repository – Freely available quality research resource
OpenDemocracy – A well informed current affairs site with contributions from prominent scholars and activists
OSCE – Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe
PCR (Uppsala) – Peace and Conflict Research, University of Uppsala; and see the Uppsala conflict encyclopedia here
PERI – Political Economy Research Institute, University of Mass. Amherst. An excellent IPE resource that has open access research on a range of policy issues, including economic development.
Philosophy Collection – An excellent collection canonical philosophy milestones, digitized for your convenience
Philosophy Pages – A useful guide for those encountering key thinkers for the first time
PRIO – Peace Research Institute of Oslo
Project Gutenberg – Free classical works – online
Public Knowledge Project – Campaign advocacy group for open access to quality research (specific link to research and publications section)
Rick Roderick – Arguably one of the least credited teachers in philosophy.
Sage Open – Mainstream academic publisher Sage has commenced a multi-disciplinary open access journal.
SIPRI – Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. The independent resource on global security
Small Arms Survey – Geneva based institutions conducting research into small arms proliferation in conflict settings
Small Wars Journal – An open access online resource relevant to conflict
Squashed Philosophers – Online abridged editions of key works from important thinkers
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy – The pre-eminent philosophy website
The Carter Center – Established by former US President Jimmy Carter. Some useful information here
The Pew Research Forum – Quantitative Data on Religion and Public Life in the US and Worldwide
The UN Yearbook – The most authoritative reference work on the UN system
The Directory of Open Access Journals – Open Access Peer-Reviewed Papers
The Documents pages of the United Nations
Theory Talks – Quality online discussion of IR Theory
TRANSCEND – Founded by Johan Galtung
U Penn 2012 Index of Top Think Tanks from around the world, classified in terms of region, subject area and policy area
UN Audio Visual Archive of International Law – containing an audio visual record of the UN and the evolution of International Law
UN Data – For any PoliSci or IR course this invaluable resource should lay the groundwork for quality research.
UN Dept of Political Affairs – Peacemaking and Preventative Diplomacy
UN Peacemaker – A UN resource for peacemaking, with an excellent repository of worldwide peace agreements
UNU – United Nations University. Research Institute based primarily in Tokyo with world wide affiliates
UNU-CRIS – United Nations University Comparative Regional Integration Studies. This examines regional interdependence among nations through comparative analysis.
USIP – United States Institute for Peace. Prominent US based thinktank on the issue of conflict and prevention.
Vision of Humanity – This site contains a range of ‘indexes’ on peace, terrorism, etc.
Webster Library Resource on International Relations

The Wilson Center – Independent Research on International Affairs (includes Cold War repository)
World Economic Forum – The International Business Leaders forum with useful insights on a range of topics and an important reports page
World Directory of Think Tanks – Directory of Think Tanks by Country
Worldwide Governance Indicators – The World Bank data base with indicators on governance
WWW Virtual Library – Elizabethtown College, PA, USA – Virtual repository for quality publications and resources for IR, Global Studies, etc