IR Careers

A common and valid question among IR and Political Science students is ‘what can IR do for my career?’

The following is a collection of the best sites for pursuing careers in the field of International Relations, Politics, Government, IGOs and NGOs.

ReliefWeb – The Jobs section lists vacancies in the field of IR, Development, etc.

University of Kent Careers Service – a page devoted to the career potential of an IR degree – Although NOT affiliated with the United Nations, this site is a useful source of job adverts for the voluntary/development sector

UN Internships – The Internship Program at the United Nations

UN Employment Page – The employment page of the United Nations

Indeed – Politics Jobs around the world – Internships and jobs focused on policy, research and analysis – Jobs and positions in the NGO sector

DevNetJobs – More NGO sector positions

NonViolentPeaceForce – NGO focused on civilian peacekeeping

APSA – American Political Science Association’s career advice page for PoliSci students

American Chamber of Commerce – Directory of US businesses and organizations in Thailand