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We’re back! And the more the world changes the more it stays the same. We have Trump, Brexit, Syria, refugees, Duterte, the Dakota pipeline, North Korean nuclear tests, Iranian nuclear deals, the Panama Papers and so much more. What a wonderful world we live in.

PoliticsThe rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer. Democracy and liberalism are in retreat and authoritarian rule and xenophobia are on the rise. The study of International Relations requires an acute mind, a sharp pen and a deep curiosity. This blog site offers both resources and an outlet for IR nerds.

The IR program at Webster University Thailand has had a Facebook page for the last few years. This revamped IR Blog will be an additional augmentation to our online presence. We are offering some familiar features from our old blog such as information about our two programs, a page on career guidance and internship options, and a hyperlinked list of useful resources for academic research. In addition to these more familiar features we also begin with some contributions from our faculty members who have written some pieces concerned with their respective areas of research and teaching interests.

The blog is intended as both a resource and an outlet. As a resource it is a go to option for students seeking readily available open source material for all areas of history, politics and international relations. We have sizeable repertoire of both primary and secondary material on all aspects of the discipline. As an outlet it offers faculty and students an option to present thoughts and arguments to the wider Webster Thailand IR community.

Opinion pieces can be written specifically for the blog, single or co-authored with another student or faculty member, or they can even be the outcome of a worthy assignment essay that a student received a high grade for. Students should consider using this to elevate their online presence.

Students from outside Webster Thailand’s IR program are also welcome to submit pieces for publication, and indeed anyone who follows the Facebook page can offer their opinion and perspective. For prospective writers please send your essay piece in MS Word docx format to