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International FlagsInternational politics and the relationships between states is a profoundly important variable in how our world works. International Relations and world politics cannot be ignored. They affect all aspects of human civilization. They impact the lives of nation-states, communities and individuals.

Understanding the international system is critical to surviving it, either individually or collectively. We live in the age of global communication, nuclear weapons, environmental crises, transnational criminality, inter-state war, international terrorism, food and energy security issues and economic uncertainty. We live in a time when the nation-state is a critical player in politics, but when its dominance is being challenged as never before.

The problems of the twenty-first century are as acute as they have been at any point in human history. But the world has become smaller, and differences more apparent. This is a both a very different world compared to a few decades ago, but also one where age old problems between human communities remain constant.

The study of IR confronts the fundamental aspects of the human condition in all its manifest urgency. From the ‘high politics’ of a G8 summit to the implementation of an irrigation scheme in a developing economy, politics, power and conflict demand our serious attention.

At Webster Thailand the primary objective of the IR program is to equip students interested in the vital field of International Relations and world politics with vital skills, which are transferable beyond the learning environment provided by university. International Relations is not relevant merely to the study of politics, it infuses a range of other crucial areas of human endeavor. Whether considering a career in media and communications, international business, working with NGOs, working for government agencies or international bodies, grasping the various dimensions of international politics is an indispensible asset. Students who undertake IR will be rewarded with notably increased skills in critical thinking, techniques of analysis and critical writing and written and oral communication skills, evaluation of sources and data, as well as theoretical and conceptual literacy. IR at Webster University Thailand provides students with an ‘edge’. Graduates will emerge as innovatively inclined students instilled with the passion and skills for lifelong knowledge enhancement, so that they may successfully meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Perhaps no academic major benefits more from Webster’s international network of campuses and faculty than the MA International Relations program. With campuses in North America, Europe and Asia, Webster provides International Relations students a myriad of opportunities to enrich their degree with international learning.

You can earn your international relations degree completely in Thailand alone. Or you can mix it up: augment your curriculum by studying abroad at more than one of our campuses. No matter where you study, Webster IR professors will give you unique insight into the field, and you will graduate as a truly “global citizen.”

Small class sizes and engaging discussion are a hallmark of our courses. Faculty are friendly and always keen to have a thought-provoking discussion. Their first priority is your success.

At Webster Thailand, we have a dedicated team of professional academics to help you explore the complexity of International Relations. Each of them combines their in-depth and specialized knowledge of the IR discipline with real-world experience, bringing added value to your degree. Most classes and faculty offices are in the Cha-am/Hua Hin undergraduate campus, where you will find a shared sense of scholarship and community with your faculty and peers.


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